About Home Owner Association

Home Owner Association

Home Owner Association is established for an active contribution towards enhancing and building a sense of community within the framework of RERA Law & regulations. It is impartially and transparently developing and implementing strategies, programs for managing and facilitating all involved in compliance with the HOA Articles of Association and its joint property by Laws by taking care of a variety of advisory, administrative and operational tasks of the owners association along with its Board of Directors in achieving RERA moto, the objective of regulating and protecting the owners' interest and investments.

Existing Board Members

  • A.Rahim A.Hameed A.Rahim Mohamed AlKooheji – Chairman
  • Mohamed Abdulrahim Mohamed Abdulla – Secretary
  • Mohamed Abdulghaffar Abdulrahim AlKooheji – Treasurer
  • Ayman Enayat Jaberi Haji Jamal – Board Member

Our responsibilities as Association Manager includes:

  • Facilitate convening Annual General Assemblies meetings, organizing process including setup, meeting notices, announcements, agenda compilation and circulation
  • Conduct regular board meetings
  • Prepare for board elections
  • Provide professional consultations to the board
  • Advise the board on strategic decision making and dispute resolution
  • Offer complete administrative and secretarial support
  • Introduce, uphold, implement and enforce community governance strategies
  • Respond promptly to all service requests and emergencies
  • Establish and maintain homeowner/occupant data
  • Develop and maintain a communications strategy for residents
  • Offer government relations, legal support and local authorities’ liaison
  • Promote community spirit and resident engagement
  • Facilitate the board of directors’ performance of its functions and exercise of its powers
  • Take the actions required for making tenders and concluding contracts on behalf of the owners’ association
  • Supervise the performance of contractors and suppliers and submit reports to the board of directors and the general assembly.
  • Prepare the annual budgets, in coordination with the treasurer, for approval by the board of directors
  • Respond to the inquiries and complaints received from the owners and provide solutions
  • Fulfill the insurance requirements
  • Supervise the judicial proceedings, including any proceedings set forth under Article 68 (b) of the Law
  • Ensure and supervise the implementation of all proposed works
  • Gather, update and maintain all the information of the owners’ association, including the members’ lists and addresses
  • Follow the legal instructions of the owner’s association or the board of directors
  • Disclose any conflict of interest to the board of directors or the general assembly
  • Act honestly, fairly and transparently in all dealings with the board of directors and the owners. Article (68) Contracting with Owners Association Manage
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